Gates of Hell Developer Blog #42 – Tiger! [History Feature]

Gates of Hell Developer Blog #42 – Tiger! [History Feature]


This Friday we have something interesting (hopefully) to drive out for a spin. Since the recent tank history features were not too popular, we decided to showcase something a little more impressive this time. And what is more impressive than a Tiger?


Panzerkampfwagen VI ‘Tiger’

The Tiger was one of the most iconic and remarkable tanks of WW2. Initially deployed in North Africa and the region of Leningrad in 1942, the early versions showed many transmission problems and overall proved inadequate in swampy and also sandy terrains. In spite of all odds, the Russians were quickly impressed with the design and many designs were immediately rushed into design and production to counter the threat.

The Tiger was aimed to be superior in firepower, armour, technical advancements and weight to any other tank fielded at the time. It was made so, up to the point that it was expensive to manufacture, and hard to engineer. Some technical aspects of the tank were advanced for their time, which proved an advantage in combat but also a problem in the field because the crew were usually inexperienced in repairing, replacing or dismounting parts. This lead to many tanks being abandoned in combat, some even in a very good condition.

The Tiger traded engine power for firepower, and was both deadly in combat but severely under powered with a 600/700hp engine to push 54 tonnes.

In 1943 the E version was fielded. With respect to it’s predecessor (the H), the E had all-metal rollers, a new gun cupola, extra armour on the mantlet and turret-ring and a long list of other changes.

In the Eastern Front in spring and summer seasons, and especially in the Western Front, the Tiger proved to be in it’s best hunting grounds. This is where it earned it’s name.


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In Gates of Hell

In the game this beast is gorgeous in nearly all respects. A Tiger is always a milestone in a battle, it’s always there to leave a mark. And we made a lot of effort in making her look and sound good, too 🙂

The gun is spectacular. Brilliant ballistics, good accuracy and dispersion. And the reload time is also very good for the gun’s size.

The Tiger lacks a good power-to-weight ratio and as a result it accelerates slowly. Slopes are not Tiger’s friend. But it does not matter a lot, because it will surely pay off when it reaches the designated location. The Tiger is at it’s best when the enemies come to her.

It’s a tank that has a very large skill cap. This means that experienced tankers in the tiger that can master it will surely make themselves be distinguishable. The Tiger’s armour is boxy, which means it’s perfect for angling. The ammunition’s choices are important, because they are multi-purpose. The tank is heavy and somewhat difficult to control in close quarters.

You will find the Tiger Ausf. H available from 1942 onwards and the Ausf. E from 1943 onwards. In addition, the ‘Hunting Tiger’ based on the E version, will be available from 1944 onwards.


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’Hunting Tiger’

Many tank aces like Michael Wittman earned their reputation aboard the Tiger. And it was well known that the best mechanics with the best commanders made the Tiger an extremely large threat to any tank in existence at the time. Hence we have decided to create a special version of the Tiger known as the ‘Hunting Tiger’. It is based on the E version, and has some improvements over a regular Tiger. First, it is covered in camouflage, which grants it a concealment advantage. Next, the Hunting Tiger has a faster rotating turret and a better accuracy for it’s gun. A skilled marksman can zero the aiming device on his tank with greater speed and precision, making it an extremely useful tank amongst heavies, almost converting it to a tank destroyer in that respect.


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Panzer VI Ausf. E Statistics:

Main armament: 88mm Kwk.36, L/56
Penetration at 100m:

  • 151-138mm (APCBC-HE)
  • 200-179mm (APCR)
  • 110mm (HEAT)


  • 110-80mm (Turret)
  • 100-82mm (Hull)

Power: 700hp
Weight and power/weight: 54 tonnes, 12.8hp/ton
Top speed:

  • 40km/h (On-road)
  • 19km/h (Off-road)

Gun handling:

  • 0,65 Accuracy rating
  • 3s zeroing time
  • 0,21 dispersion value