Developer Blog #56 – Status report

Developer Blog #56 – Status report


Today we shall give some insight into what we are up to.


Level Design

The team keep working on the single-player and multiplayer maps for the game. As you would expect, all single-player and most multiplayer maps are based on real locations, and it takes a lot of time just to collect information and references about the general direction of the scenario – only then can the actual mapping commence. We extract real height-maps and define the unique flavor of each map. Sometimes the terrain of a region has massively changed since WWII – so we need to contrast with images of the time. We also need to consider how suitable for game play our selected terrains are – we are making a game after all, and sometimes mappers scrap some of their work and start again. And of course once the map is progressing, assets are needed for it from the 3D department.


Art department

While the continuous flow of 3D models for units and vehicles continues, there is a massive effort going into updating flora. As maps get bigger – we must make the extra mile to deliver good performance. Therefore we concluded we wanted to invest a lot of time in optimising what is mostly seen on the terrain – trees, bushes, landscape elements, etc. It takes 5 times more time on average to make our assets now – but we hope it will be worth it.



Our internal testing goes on and occasionally we add new features. Our latest idea was to give some vehicles the ability to deploy sandbags or other defensive means while they are holding a position. For this to be achieved, the unit must be static

While the construction goes on, the vehicle is completely unresponsive. You will need to sacrifice a couple of seconds of inactivity to obtain a defensive advantage element. If you later decide to move the unit – we’re debating what happens here. Should the un-mounting of the fortification take place? Should it be reusable? Should it stay there?

However during our testing we came to the concerning statistic that over 80% of the fortifications were blown to smithereens before the unit was considering re-positioning. So we never came to decide. On the bright side: the additional defenses did their job – right? Maybe you want to throw us your thoughts about this, if you wish to, please do.

Other issues we recently tackled were mainly frustrating aspects of the gameplay. No longer must infantry stand up to collect weapons such as bazookas or RPG’s.

We also are considering allowing infantry support tanks (like the Panzer IF or Na-ispug tractor) the ability to capture flags – something that previously was only allocated for infantrymen – but in war these units were supposed to fight together!