Starting a new game is tough, not knowing the meta, where to meet other players, or how to play at a higher level. Recognizing this we at CountDownGaming have decided to put together a new player-mentor platform for anyone who is interested.The overall setup is quite simple. A ‘Mentee’ (New Player) will be paired with an experienced player (‘Mentor’) from within the community who will teach his or her pupil how to play more effectively. Ideally, the Mentor will provide tips and other useful information that will elevate his/her pupils game over the course of time.

To add an extra incentive and fun to the mix, we will be organizing events for our new players. New players will have the opportunity to face off against each other as teams to determine who is the best.You may be asking why are we doing this? The answer is simple, we want to provide an environment which will allow new players to get the chance to meet new people and learn about the inner workings of the game. We hope this will lead to a positive atmosphere, increase the player base over the course of time and provide a stronger sense of community.


  • To get started visit our Discord server (Link) and make a post in our “Mentoring” discussion thread. From there you will be contacted by a Mentor or by an admin/event organizer who will pair you with someone.
  • Should you wish to submit your form anonymously just fill out the form on our website. It can be found in the link below:


  • To qualify as a mentor, an individual must have at least 150 hours in the game or have competed in at least one tournament and have made it out of the first knockout round.
  • Mentees must have less than 25 hours in the game. (Those found playing under a smurf account in an event designed for new players will be banned from all future CDG competitions)
  • All participants must have a mic and use discord.


This is not exclusive to players looking to play competitively. This will be open to any and all players looking to learn the game and/or looking for people to play with. Just make a note when you make the post.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2
Steel Division: Normandy 44
RTS / Steel Division: Normandy 1944
RTS / Men of War: Assault Squad 2
RTS / Steel Division: Normandy 1944
RTS / Men of War: Assault Squad 2
RTS / Men of War: Assault Squad 2
RTS / Steel Division: Normandy 1944
RTS / Steel Division: Normandy 1944



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